Deployment Package

Working with the military community has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Growing up writing letters to our troops, spearheading a campaign in high school, across the Southwest to "adopt" units that were currently deployed, to working as a civilian on two Army installations. I absolutely love giving back to our American heroes and their amazing families. Deployments are tough, but you are tougher! Not only do I love being able to capture precious memories for my clients prior to deployment, I am here for your family in any way I can help! Yes, you are totally allowed to eat ice cream until midnight and binge watch your favorite show! It's the only way to get through it and you got this! I keep dates open each month for "last minute" photos for you and your hero because when preparing for are not a top priority but oh so special when you get the chance. I am so honored to capture these unforgettable memories for you! Details are below! -Melissa


-$395 + tax - 30 minute session prior to deployment, one location, online gallery of 25+ images, donation to non-profit (see Philanthropy Page)

-COMPLIMENTARY Welcome Home Session - 20 minutes, one location, online gallery 15+ images, expedited image delivery! Homecomings look a lot different now a days due to Covid-19 which means most ceremonies are not possible at this time. My top priority is to capture the excitement, emotion, and love no matter if it is in a hangar on base, your front porch, or anywhere else!

-Additional details: access to online professional print shop/print release, $15 print credit and free shipping for all your galleries via online print shop! Care package sent during deployment to both the family and their hero overseas!

OPSEC is extremely important! Please be mindful to keep our heroes safe!