Style Guide

Back the Brave PHotography


These ALWAYS look great on camera! Choosing one color but different shades can add dimension to your family's attire!


Choose only one person to wear a print or pattern (plaid, floral, stripes, polka dots.) and choose complimentary solids for the best result!


Show off your personality! Bring along layers (jackets, scarves, blankets etc) and accessories (hats, jewelery, photos, etc) to add some fun to your session!

Bonus Tips

Tip #1: If you are wanting to purchase prints from you session to hang in your home, think about what colors would compliment your decor the best! Warm tones vs cooler tones!

Tip #2: While dresses are my favorite and absolutely gorgeous and button downs look great on camera, wear what makes you feel the most confident!

Tip #3: Do a trial run of you outfits prior to your session date. Make sure everyone is comfortable and confident in their attire! This can be really helpful in avoiding last minute toddler tantrums as well!